Monday, 7 January 2013

Lotus MailFile Template Modification: Prevent changes in received emails


In the default Lotus Notes Mail template, users can edit the received emails and modify the content. To prevent the same, following customization is required in template.
Edit "Memo" and "Reply" form in the designer                                

  change "QueryModeChange" event, by adding this code:                 
  If  (Not source.editmode And source.document.HasItem("PostedDate"))   Then
       continue = False                                                         
       Exit Sub                                                                 
  End If                                                                    
Change "QueryOpen" event, and towards the top, add:                         
 If (Not (source.isnewdoc) And source.editmode ) Then        
     If (source.document.HasItem("PostedDate") ) Then           
          Continue = False                                          
          Exit Sub                                                  
     End If                                                     
 End If

Using Linux Desktop - My Favourite Add-ons

I am using RHEL 6 Desktop for last 6 months..

Following are the essential softwares required/installed on my machine to ensure my productivity:
1. Mail: Lotus Notes 9
2. Office Suite: IBM Lotus Symphony 3.1, Open Office 3.4.1
3. PDF Docs: Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader
4. Screenshots: Shutter
5. Notes, Customer Activity Tracking: GNote
6. Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome
7. Virtualization: VMWare Workstation, VMWare Player (Virtual Image: Domino Server, Domino Designer, Domino Administrator)
8. Backup to External Hard-drive: GrSync
9. Media Player: VLC Media Player
10. Remote Control: Teamviewer, Tiger VNC Viewer
11. Graphics: GIMP, Pencil

This list covers all the installations/additions I have done to Vanilla RHEL desktop... Apart from Domino Designer, there is nothing for which I need a Windows environment.. I wish if we can have a Linux version of Domino Designer as well some day !!