Friday, 15 August 2014

Configure Offline Replica for Notes Client

Instructions for Notes Client Configuration

Configure Local Replica:

This step will ensure that all the emails are downloaded and synced on local machine. Thus providing faster and offline access to emails. Once downloaded, emails can be instantly opened without relying on server connectivity.

Open the Mailbox and select any mail:


Goto View menu and ensure that “Advanced Menus” is enabled/checked as shown in image below.


Now, goto File -> Application --> “Make Available Offline..” option. It’ll be enabled only if Offline copy is not already been created.


In the next dialog, click OK.


This will create Local replica of your mailbox on your Notes Client. The process will run in background and may take few minutes to complete based on your mailbox size and network speed. For eg. If mailbox size is 100 MB, then you can calculate the time required to download 100MB file from internet. Once downloaded, only delta will be synchronized with server going forward.

To check the progress, open the Replication and Sync tab:


There should be an entry with user’s name and Mailbox Icon as shown below.


Location Settings:

Open Location Settings from Bottom Right corner of Notes Client:


Edit the Location document for user.


In the Edit Location Dialog, Goto 4th Tab - “Mail”


Change Mail File Location to “Local”

Set Transfer outgoing mail if value to 1


Now open the Mail Icon from top bar in Notes Client:


The Mail file opened now should show “Local” in Server Name space in Top left section of Mailbox:


Faster Sync:

Goto File menu --> Preferences


Goto Mail --> Sending and Receiving --> Receiving --> “Check for new mail every -- minutes”

Set the value as 5 minutes or as desired.


Enable Schedule Replication:

Open the Replication and Sync Tab:


Select “Enable Scheduled Replication/Sync” option to enable Scheduled replication.


Open the “Set Replication/Sync Schedule..” option.

Enable Normal-priority Sync Schedule options as shown below.


Scheduled Replication is more resource intensive as compared “Check Mail every xx minutes” setting mentioned earlier under “Faster Sync” heading.

Therefore, my recommendations would be not to use value of less than 15 minutes for scheduled replication. For “Check Mail every xx minutes” setting even 5 minutes setting is fine.

This document can be shared with all the End-users to let them configure the Notes Client and let them achieve the best and optimized performance from a fantastic platform !