Friday, 13 April 2012

Multi-Database Search Plugin: A Must Plugin for Lotus Notes Client:

I have found and installed this wonderful plugin for Lotus Notes Client v8.5 and above..

To install the same goto File -> Application -> New option. Add the downloaded site to Eclipse Local Folder option and it will install the plugin to your Notes Client.

Once installed, configure all the Local Archives, Mail Files in it to search in a single click. - Open Source Community for Lotus Notes Domino

Multi-Database Search Plugin

Owners Bob BalfeCategory
Productivity Tools
Contributors Igor BelakovskiyPlatform
R 8.5.1
Downloads745Download latest releaseLast ReleaseOct 25, 2010
(2 ratings)
Project CreationOct 25, 2010
Status Not activeShort URL Not defined
Description Search multiple databases with the normal search user interfaceIn Catalog

You can search multiple databases using the search toolbar in the Lotus Notes client.

You can set what databases to search using the Search | Multi DB Search Preferences panel:


Preference Screen

Preference Screen

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