Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Create Report of Latest Notes Client Installed on Users in the Domain


One of our customer asked to generate a report of current Lotus Notes client version installed on user’s machines across the country. Fortunately, Lotus Notes Client store the information about the Client Installation in Person document. There is a field called ClntBld which contains all the builds that a particular person has installed on his machine. However, this multi value field doesn’t store these values in expected sequence. The latest information can be at any position of multi valued field.

Therefore, the below mentioned approach first determines the latest date of Build being added to person document from ClntDate field, then retrieves the relative information from ClntBld field.

Use this formula for a view column to get the latest build from Addressbook:

lst := @Sort(ClntDate;[Descending]);
ClntBld[ @Member(@Text(lst[1]); @Text(ClntDate))];