Sunday, 6 July 2014

Customize Domino Login Form to allow only Email Address

Default Domino Login Form allows multiple variants of Username to login:

  • Notes Common Name
  • Notes Canonical Name
  • Notes Abbreviated Name
  • Email Address etc.

If administrator wants to restrict usage of email address only, then following customization can be used:

Assuming SSO is configured on Domino Server and Domcfg.nsf is deployed on server, we’ll create a custom login form:

  1. Open Domcfg.nsf in Domino Designer.
  2. Create a copy of “$$LoginUserForm” Form and rename it. For e.g. “DEMOLoginUserForm”.
  3. Open the newly created form and modify the “Username” field as shown below. Change the name of field to “User” in first and last tab of Field Properties.
  4. Goto the “onChange” Event of “User” field and add following code:
    return onSelectEmail()
  5. Goto the “JSHeader” section of Form and add following code (Please update the domain name in code appropriately): function onSelectEmail(){
             if(document.getElementById('User').value=="") {
                 alert("Please enter username first");
                        return false;
                  return true;
  6. Add the Domain name in front of User field as shown in image above.
  7. Add following code as “Pass thru HTML” in the next line after User field:
    <input name="Username" id="Username" type="hidden">
  8. The form is ready now !
  9. Now open Domcfg.nsf in Domino Admin client and set the mapping for this new form:
  10. That’s all !


Let me know if you face any issues.. I’ll be happy to assist.